Install Adobe Flash Player and later under Windows 2000

March 13th, 2012 by Ortwin Pinke

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This is a non-literal translation of my German article for all non-german speeking readers. Please excuse my English is not always correct, but I‘m still learning. ;-)

There are regulary updates for Adobe Flash Player to fix bugs and close security holes. So when i’m updating my FireFox i also check from time to time if there are new updates for used addons. Lasttime i did that i got a security warning to update my Flash Player , because it contained security vulnerabilities.

No problem, I thought and so i clicked on the direct link and downloaded the update file. But when i tried to install the update the result was the following message

The procedure “SetDllDirectoryW” in the dynamic library “KERNEL32.dll” not found. (See illustration in german article)

In my research I found a forum entry in the Adobe forum on the topic (, but it leaves open a solution and refers to an already closed bugtracker entry.

So then no update yet?

But there is a possibility. The procedure “SetDllDirectoryW” in kernel32.dll the message talks about is used starting with XP SP1. welches auch die besagte Prozedur zur Verfügung stellt.”>However, there is a wrapper project ( which adds this procedure. For installing the Adobe Flash Player in the current version with Win2000 you have to follow these instructions:

  • Download the wrapper package
  • Unzip the zip file to a directory, for example C:\w2k-wrapper
  • Run the bat file “INSTALL_WRAPPER.BAT” in the directory C:\w2k-wrapper\install\
  • Restart your computer in order to register the DLL’s (see comment from top)
  • Move the downloaded flash player update file “install_flash_player_32bit.exe” to C:\w2k-wrapper\bin\
  • Now you may start the update bei doubleclick on the exe-file

You may leave the wrapper files for upcoming updates, but if you don’t need the wrapper anymore after that, you first have to undo registry entries using the file “UNINSTALL_WRAPPER.BAT” in C:\w2k-wrapper\install\ and reboot your computer. This will undo the changes in the registry done by the install bat.

I cannot tell you if the wrapper also works this way for other applications or updates, but if you try out i’m pleased if you leave a comment. There were some infos about non-working Skype updates on the web, so i will try out updating Skype using the wrapper.

I hope this post helped you and i‘m looking forward to your feedback.

Update 12.10.2012:
Poorly the website is down.  So you will find the needed zip-file on if you click the following link

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22 responses about “Install Adobe Flash Player and later under Windows 2000”

  1. Batman said:

    Thanks for the great article! It is probably the best way to install the new Flash Player.
    I have read though, that it does not work for some users. I have made a patch that fixes the installer (Flash version
    If anyone is having problems with the wrapper approach, they can try out the patch on my web site.

  2. Ortwin Pinke said:

    Thx for the patch, maybe it’s helpfull for some users. But be aware that u use all this stuff on your own risk,u cannot undo this patch and you have to use a patch for every new upcoming version.

    Using the wrapper you just have to install it once and may use it for all upcoming versions since only the installer uses the new methods.

    Btw, u can also use the wrapper for uninstalling. Just put the uninstaller in bin-folder of the wrapper.

    Regards Ortwin

  3. Antonio said:

    I understand the steps, but what should I open it with? Every time I clicked the link it asks me what should they do with this file? This is very confusing. If you can help me, I greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely, Antonio.

  4. Ortwin Pinke said:

    Hi Antonio,

    u have to save the file to your local drive and to unzip it using a package software like winzip or a opensource version like 7zip

    Regards Ortwin

  5. NC said:

    Hi, Ortwin!

    Thank you for providing this “wrapper” workaround!

    Is it possible (after installing the “wrapper”) to create ANOTHER folder (in addition to the original “…\bin” folder) into which you could put all future Adobe Flash installer programs? (For example, C:\4NewFlash ?) Would you need to copy some/all of the files from “…\bin” into it?
    Do you NEED to run FLASH’s installer in “…\bin”?

  6. Ortwin Pinke said:

    Hi NC,

    your welcome, i’m always pleased if i could give hints.
    You may create at much folders you want or need, but if you wanna use the wrapper functions with the installer you have to put either the installer file to “./bin”-folder or you have to adjust the path enviroment accordingly. The flash installer has to know the path to the wrapper DLL’s, and he first looks into homedir.
    Therefore it’s the easiest way to use that “./bin”-folder.

    Regards Ortwin

  7. NC said:

    Thanks for the reply, Ortwin!

    I was trying to think of something that would help those users at the forum who were not very comfortable navigating to subfolders like “.\bin” when they need to install the newest version of Adobe Flash. I think I may have a solution to help them based on what you wrote above, combined with ideas I read in the forum and elsewhere. I’ll list the “manual” and “automatic” versions of this idea in the following two paragraphs, respectively.

    Perhaps after extracting and installing the wrapper program, users could create a SHORTCUT (for example, one they could leave on their computer “desktop”) to the “.\bin” folder. When a new Adobe Flash player version is released (and using the desktop shortcut for convenience), they could move the Flash Player installation file to the “.\bin” folder in order to run the installation from there. To better keep track of the various Flash Player installation packages released by Adobe, users could rename the Flash Player installation file so that its version number is part of its filename.

    With a little bit of work, I think it would be possible to create a self-extracting archive file (e.g., using 7-zip’s SFX module capability, please see the following two URL’s:
    ) that would allow you to begin the wrapper installation automatically AND place a shortcut to the “.\bin” file on the desktop. Then those end users would need to only launch the 7-zip EXE file and they’d be all set!

    Are you up to that challenge? :-)

    P.S.: 7-zip’s creator should be releasing the newest version of 7-zip shortly. Please see:

    P.P.S.: I like the fact that your “wrapper” program can easily be UNinstalled if desired, compared to the other method listed in the forum. (That other method does allow for whatever folder you want to use for your Flash installations (not needing to be a “.\bin” subfolder) and I do like that about it, but it’s a bit more “technical” to work with (even with its GUI interface) for users without a lot of technical expertise.

  8. Ortwin Pinke said:

    Hello NC,

    i don’t think that i will do anything in that direction. I just wanna show an easy way to update Flash on W2k.
    I believe it’s comfortable and easy enough for everyone. And you don’t have to update Flash every day, sooo…

    Regards Ortwin

  9. Walter said:

    Worked great for me – what a super fix -well done!!

  10. Bruce said:

    Thank-you. Worked great!!
    No gotchas. Smooth.

  11. druceLee said:

    I do everything you said but now is eror : The procedure entry point BaseAttachCompleteThunk could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32_ORG.DLL.

  12. Bob said:

    Worked like a charm; thanks!

  13. Paijak said:

    I’ve had the problem since last May and found your solution today.
    I was easy and worked fine.
    Thanks a lot from France

  14. MP said:

    Will this patch work for users on a Windows 7 machine? I’m experiencing this same issue when opening websites in firefox that require flash ever since this new adobe flash player update was released

  15. Ortwin Pinke said:

    No, it will only work on win2000. Maybe you have another problem, but using win2000 dll’s or wrappers for them will not work on win7.

  16. Bruce said:

    I tried it with a Samsung Galaxy S2 application (Kies 2.0) and it did not work. Just for feedback purposes. Works great for Adobe Flash player updates!!

  17. Heather said:

    Hello, I have followed all your steps & it appears to have successfully installed Adobe Flash Player, however, on the gamesite I love to play it isn’t recognizing that I do indeed have flash player? Thank you so much for your expertise this far, I really appreciate it!

  18. Rob Sayce said:

    The old cigaret site is down. Do you have the file?
    Could you email it to me?


  19. Ortwin Pinke said:

    Hi Rob,

    i’ve uploaded the file to You’ll find the download here >>

  20. Mario said:

    I did everything as written and when I put flash player install into bin directory and trying to run, it says “didn’t find procedure entry point HeapQueryInformation in library Kernel32_org.dll”
    Please help

  21. win2klaptop said:

    Worked for me running win2k sp4 with firefox, I was able to get up to version I installed each version starting at I tried jumping to the latest version 11.5.502.110 and it appeared to install but did not function. I did have to use the uninstall for that version which also functions in the BIN file. 11.3.300.257 is the next version in line which, like the current version appeared to install but did not function. Looks like there is eleven or so more updates to go. Any help?

  22. Ortwin Pinke said:

    The newest versions of flashplayer poorly not working anymore with this trick. There are to many new dll method calls inside and i’m also searching for a solution.

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